About Us

Dominion Packaging is a privately owned, non-integrated folding carton converter located in Sandston and Henrico, Virginia. Being a non-integrated supplier allows us to source board from mills from around the world. We also invest in state-of-the-art printing, cutting and gluing equipment to satisfy the most demanding packaging needs from our customers. Because of our board sourcing strategy and having the finest equipment, we can offer our customers what they need, at competitive prices and without compromising the integrity or quality of their products. With our strategic board partners, we have put in place a robust logistic program that guarantee board availability 24/7 – 365.

Birds Eye View of Dominion Packaging Factory at Richmond, VA

Dominion Packaging Story


Since our inception, Dominion Packaging has focused on Quality, Service, and Innovation.

Privately owned

A non-integrated folding carton converter.

Production Site
342,000 SQF

Multiple printing technologies under 1 roof; Offset, Flexography & Rotogravure.

241,000 SQF

Conveniently located close to the Richmond International airport and Interstate 95.


Our 342,000 sqft manufacturing site houses:

  • Offset, gravure and flexography printers.
  • Our gravure presses have in-line rotary, and platen die cut.
  • Cutting systems with roll to cut to glue equipment fully robotized as well as offline cutters.
  • Multiple gluing lines support our needs.

Our 241,000 square feet warehouse is used for FG and raw materials. Its layout/design is projected  to be a future manufacturing site.

Quality is everything we do

Our commitment to quality and dedication to excellence ensures the success of your products.

Quality Focus

We prioritize quality, ensuring success in the competitive marketplace. Pride in excellence.

Skilled Workforce

Dedicated, highly skilled employees drive our success and expertise.

State-of-the-Art Equipment

Utilizing cutting-edge machinery for superior results and customer satisfaction.

SOP Adherence

Consistent adherence to SOPs guarantees reliable, high-quality products every day.

Quality Assurance Programs

Rigorous programs ensure precision and excellence in every employee’s work.

Precision Measurement

Meticulous measurement assures compliance with customer specifications and expectations.

Carton Integrity

Ensuring robust packaging materials for product safety during production and transit.

Print Excellence

Striving for exceptional print quality to enhance your brand’s visual appeal.

Markets We Serve


Bud Light 12 Cans Box

Dominion Packaging, a trusted provider in the beverage industry, offers high-quality carton packaging solutions that enhance your brand’s visibility and ensure product integrity.


Ritz Crackers Family Size Package

From snacks to gourmet delicacies, Dominion Packaging delivers top-notch carton packaging solutions for the food industry. Trust us to showcase your products with excellence.


Dentyne Ice Package

Indulge in our exquisite confectionery packaging solutions. Dominion Packaging offers visually appealing and durable cartons that perfectly complement your sweet treats and delight customers.


Marlboro Special Blend Full Package

Elevate your tobacco products with our premium carton packaging solutions. We combine functionality and aesthetics to create an exceptional presentation for discerning consumers.

Let us help you find enticing packaging solutions.