Dominion’s commitment to quality is exemplified through a comprehensive Quality Assurance process that meticulously evaluates the physical characteristics and properties of their printed packages at every stage of production. This rigorous examination covers critical aspects, such as printing, die cutting, forming, gluing, and palletizing.

Quality Control Process

Materials undergo thorough testing to ensure excellence in the following key areas

Precise color consistency and accuracy are verified to meet the intended design and branding standards.

The level of gloss is assessed to achieve the desired appearance and finish.

Resistance to wear and rubbing is measured to maintain the packaging’s integrity and visual appeal.

Material thickness (caliper) is examined for uniformity and compliance with product specifications.

The friction characteristics of the materials are evaluated to ensure efficient handling and packaging performance.

The flexibility and folding characteristics of materials are tested to guarantee proper folding and shaping during packaging.

The accuracy and precision of die-cutting dimensions are scrutinized to ensure proper fit and assembly.

The force required to open the package is measured to ensure ease of use and consumer satisfaction.

Sensory analysis, using gas chromatography, is employed to detect any odors or substances that might affect product quality or safety.

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