Crafting Sustainable Packaging

At Dominion Packaging, our mission revolves around showcasing the resilience of American manufacturing while actively pursuing a sustainable future. 

Our unwavering dedication lies in fiber-based paperboard packaging, where we exclusively employ substrates crafted from recycled materials and responsibly sourced trees from managed forests. Waste is not wasted; it’s recycled, and everything we send out is designed to be recycled. This is our pledge to the environment, and we are committed to ensuring that every Dominion package contributes to a greener and more sustainable world.

Our Environmental Policy

Dominion Packaging is proud to provide world-class paperboard packaging while continually improving our operations to minimize environmental impact. We are committed to protecting the environment by meeting or exceeding environmental regulations and integrating pollution prevention measures in all aspects of our business. Dominion Packaging prioritizes sustainability by tracking and monitoring progress toward environmental performance goals.

To support these efforts, we consider the lifecycle of our products and evaluate the impacts on our community and the environment. Dominion Packaging communicates with and solicits input from stakeholders regarding progress toward our sustainability goals. We strive to develop cutting edge innovations that enhance the circular economy of our packaging products. We provide regular environmental training and outreach to promote a culture of stewardship. Dominion Packaging is committed to finding solutions today in order to have a better tomorrow.

Our Sustainability Commitment

Dominion Packaging is dedicated to creating sustainable paperboard packaging for the food, beverage, tobacco, and confectionary industries by optimizing our process to protect natural resources. In order to do so, we recognize the importance of a diverse and inclusive work environment that encourages all employees to pursue professional development. We understand the long-term success of our product depends on a strategic direction that integrates business solutions with positive outcomes for our community and the environment. Our ESG strategy supports global sustainable development targets and aligns with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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