How We Do Our Part


During each calendar year Dominion recycles over 23,000 gallons of liquid waste, with the majority being consumed as supplemental fuel for concrete construction component kilns. This material is then used to reduce the purchase of fossil fuels required to operate the kiln. All plastic strapping, packaging materials, office and break room waste, pallets, obsolete equipment, and press parts are recycled.

Reduced Energy Consumption

We have installed controls on our presses that will allow our catalytic incinerators to sustain complete combustion of solvent laden process air without the use of supplemental fuel. We have also invested more than $3,000,000 in new incinerators, which will further reduce energy consumption and increase the VOC destruction rate to over 99%.


Dominion has converted to water based coatings in order to reduce dependence on petroleum derivatives. We have also developed high gloss specialty coatings to replace energy consuming ultraviolet and electron beam coatings.

Water Conservation

We installed a closed loop system that delivers chilled water to the presses. This system eliminates the need to add fresh water to the system. 

Act Responsible, Think Sustainable.