Our focus is to advance Innovative solutions that impact market segments by meeting customer/consumer expectations and requirements. Dominion develops packaging that suits the product format; we provide qualified technical support to ensure the product is tested and qualified prior to.

Dominion’s Innovation

Dominion’s innovative technology is characterized by its primary focus on sustainability and the environment

Foil Replacement Technology

Dominion has developed a cutting-edge Foil Replacement Technology that aligns with their environmental commitment and focuses on bio-degradable packaging while reducing the carbon footprint.

VMP Mirror-finish Technology

Serving as a competitive alternative to transfer metallized substrates. It allows for adjustable graphics for spot print application, while remaining cost-competitive versus transfer metallized substrates.

Wet Strength Coating for Beverage Board

Dominion has also introduced a specialized Wet Strength Coating designed for beverage board applications, further showcasing their dedication to innovation and quality in packaging solutions.

Innovation Team Objectives


Enhance Customer Value

Our goal is to create packaging that captivates customers with its design, maximizes value, and improves functionality.


Promote Sustainability

We’re committed to reducing our carbon footprint through energy-saving measures and sustainable materials.


Optimize Efficiency and Costs

We strive to enhance operational efficiency, lower costs, and explore cost-effective materials to stay competitive.


Ensure Product Quality

We’re dedicated to delivering consistent, high-quality packaging to build trust with customers.


Reduce Waste

Minimizing waste is integral to our commitment to environmental responsibility and cost efficiency.


Energy Efficiency

Ongoing energy-saving reviews support our efforts to reduce energy consumption and environmental impact.

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